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  • Discover how we help motivated adults in their 40s, 50s and beyond struggling with cardiometabolic, hormonal and digestive issues regain energy, edge and peak performance.

  • Learn how to address the root causes of chronic fatigue, poor sleep, stubborn weight and more... rather than just masking symptoms

  • Receive a clear and actionable roadmap tailored to your unique health needs with practical solutions so you can enjoy a well-balanced, productive life looking and feeling your absolute best


In This Essential Masterclass, You Will Learn...

Hormones Mini-Masterclass
  • HOW the intricate relationship between various hormones impacts your overall health, energy, mood, and sleep

  • WHY treating the body as a whole system (rather than managing individual symptoms) leads to long-term relief and optimal health

  • HOW to identify the underlying factors driving gut imbalances, enabling you to address the core issues and achieve meaningful results

  • HOW our The Real Gut Doctor empowers you to regain energy, sound sleep & optimal health... so you can look & feel your absolute best

Meet Dr. Jeffrey Mark, MD

Dr. Jeffrey Mark, MD

Dr. Mark provides transformative solutions to those who have tirelessly sought answers and remedies for their chronic health concerns, offering them newfound hope, progress and finally resolution.

Dr. Mark's journey in medicine began with a traumatic childhood experience at the age of 10 when he contracted a severe respiratory infection after international travel, leading to a hospital stay where his life hung in the balance due to an incorrect antibiotic prescription. This early ordeal fueled his determination to dedicate his life to medicine and help those in need.

Dr. Mark's outstanding medical education and extensive clinical background exemplify his strong belief in the effectiveness of integrative healthcare. He has a strong foundation in conventional medicine combined with advanced training in functional and regenerative medicine. He earned his BS in Neurophysiology from Northwestern University and pursued medical studies at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. He completed an internal medicine residency at Northwestern and received specialized gastroenterology training at Chicago Medical School. He is also certified in medical acupuncture from UCLA.


Ready For Amazing Results Like These?

My experience with Dr. Mark was outstanding. I was referred to Dr. Mark by my ENT and I knew immediately that I was in good hands. He really took the time to listen to my concerns and he answered all of my questions. I was very impressed by the amount of time and the personal attention that I received. I did not feel rushed nor did he make me feel bad for asking so many questions. He was so kind and patient with me and I really appreciate the follow-up that I received from him and his office.

Jeanne Q.

Danville, CA

A patient since 2014-currently

Dr. Mark has really helped me to have a happy gut at last! I highly recommend his services. This has also been the best practice I've been to where you are always greeted with a smile from all members of the staff. At the front desk is Mimi. She is very pleasant and helpful. Dr. Mark has such a positive spirit about him. I appreciate all the knowledge he's shared with me on how to make smarter food choices for my body's benefit. Many thanks, Dr. Mark!

Crissi E.

San Ramon, CA


I am truly impressed with Dr. Mark's professionalism and knowledge. He is so well-versed in functional medicine and was able to explain things to me in very simple and understandable terms. He takes the time to get to know your issue and get to the root cause of your problems. Dr. Mark also has a fantastic bedside manner. He and his wife Dr. Frances make an excellent team. I highly recommend them.

Ray G.

Los Angeles, CA


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